Dear Little One

Dear Little One

Last night, we put away

Another set of jammies


Your little legs stretched out

Made the toes too tight

And the zipper too low


This set of jammies

Was so special to me

Bought while you were in my womb


They were pink

That’s a pretty big deal for me

But they also had an owl and stars


I sighed as I folded them

Looking down at you

Smiling up at me


As your other mother

fetched a new pair

That are just a little too big


But you will grow

Into these and out of these

As your tiny frame expands and becomes


And my heart just keeps

On growing, I think it will burst

I don’t know how there’s so much love


Our family is so special

You are so special

This love is so special


I think about how tiny you are

Yet how much you’ve grown

How we have struggled to get it right


How precious and hard fought for

Our breastfeeding relationship has been

And how I still wish I could give you more


I still worry when I look

And wonder if you are gaining well

Even though, you clearly are now, going through your clothes


And you are so smart

And you are so aware and bright and delightful

And, pumpkin, you are incredibly beautiful through and through


I think about how much I wonder

What you will be like when you get older

And how I love to watch your personality show more and more


One day, you will put on

Your own pajamas, without the little feet built in

And you will sleep in your own bed all night long


And while your mommas will celebrate having our bed

I’ll miss those little snuggles

And those night time nursings when we reconnect


So while I am sleep deprived

And while I am tired and my arms hurt

From holding you carrying you bathing you changing you


I’m going to stop

And just enjoy you and every little smile

And all of those giggles and belly laughs and that baby scent


You are a little person

But you won’t always be so small

But my love for you will always be so big



Your Momma C


baby hand