Beans + Tiny Hands = Turkeys

When I was in elementary school, we made all kinds of crafts for holidays and special occasions: from the apple Christmas ornaments, to little paper groundhogs, that would come up out of Styrofoam cups via the magic of ever wonderful Popsicle sticks; I loved crafts!

One of my favorites was our Thanksgiving craft. We took a pencil and outlined our hand, and then filled in the print with glued on pinto beans, white beans, and other grains to form a turkey. I can’t wait to do this with our kids.

In my mind, these turkeys were big, but they had to be so small. I have small hands now – I know they were much smaller then.

A lot has been happening recently, and we are in the middle of a season of gratitude.My hometown has been in the midst of a fierce battle for getting equal benefits for city employees. My church participated in a gathering for local affirming congregations, and my wife and I have been very busy with our home and planning for our future as a family.

I have been thinking on our role as change agents. Sometimes it feels as though we are small. And perhaps, we aren’t sure what kind of good or beauty we have to offer. Even so, we must offer our hands and feet if we wish to see change.

We’ve been trying to do even better about recycling and composting, and even better about buying local food – and more humanely raised meat and organic vegetables & fruit (until we have our own in more quantity.) I’ve written city council members to thank them for siding with equality. We are planting our organic garlic seed this weekend.

It seems small, but right now, I am thankful that we can do that. That we can make an impact on our little plot of land by being more responsible and cultivating something good and beautiful. And that we can do it quietly and peacefully.

What about you? What relatively small acts can you do to make your own immediate environment and community better and more beautiful? What are you thankful for this season?

With love, and peace, and thankfulness,



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