A Public Service Announcement (Because I’m angry and this is my outlet.)

Due to comments I sometimes get (and refuse to interact with or publish – because that is not my intent for my writing) and emails and such, I am going to make an announcement.

Yes, I know what the Bible says.

No, I did not choose to be gay.

Yes, God has a plan for my life (Though as far as what “plan” means, we might have a theological disagreement). That plan is not a man or for me to be single.

That plan includes my wife and the covenant we made to God, to each other, to our community.

I have a close relationship with Jesus. Jesus is my savior, my lord, king, etc.

Though I can appreciate genuine concern, if you do not walk with me in true friendship, you do not know me. You have no place to speak in my life.

There is a vast amount of books, internet resources, churches, etc with information on how to reconcile being gay and being Christian – if really interested, to read and study on your own. That’s what I did for years – I read the Bible – yes, actually read it and studied it.

If I write about something, it is to address that topic, not to have people (especially people who don’t know me) to comment on my life or my family. That just pisses me off, and shuts down any chance at conversation with me. (That’s a period at the end of that sentence.)

Stop it with the stones.

If we are really wanting to make a difference in the world and show people love, then let’s go volunteer and do something tangible, because commenting on blogs and sending emails about how we think someone else should live can wait. (And on another note, speaking the truth in love is not an excuse to do that; truth is to be spoken in the context of authentic relationship.)

People die of starvation and exposure, and people are being killed and are committing suicide. Our energy and desire to help can go to a better (and more needed ) cause.

And if it’s sin we are wanting to address, I think nearly every human being would be best to begin with themselves. I know that’s true for me.

Always with love,



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