Departure of DOMA & Prop 8

Today is a good day.

We are so much closer to having full marriage equality. It has been a day of tears, phone calls, texts, and the overwhelming desire I have now to be with my wife, to hug someone and cry tears of celebration together.

Instead, I sit at my desk, finding it difficult to concentrate for the joy rising in me. For the hope rising in me. For the fight rising in me, to continue to fight for equality for all.

This is not the end.

It is certainly not the beginning. So much has been done to get us this far.

What we do know is that something very special happened today. Something good. Something in the name of Love.

I do believe God’s spirit is moving in a mighty way. To come alongside those of us who have been oppressed. I believe that we are called to continue to work. To bring equality to all people. To love.

Love, indeed, wins.


love wins.


Some intermittent thoughts before the SCOTUS decision today…

On October 6, 2012, D and I made a promise to God, to each other, and to our community. We committed our hopes, dreams, and lives to join with one another forever and always. In sunshine or rain, when we fall sick and when we are well, when we are rich and when we are poor. We joined together in holy marriage. And even though we have no certificate because our government will not allow it, and no rights to go along with that certificate – we celebrate and participate in the sacrament of marriage and spousal love. No matter what SCOTUS says today about DOMA and about Prop 8, our true marriage will stand. We, and LGBTQ people are going to keep loving each other, and joining together in unions, and nothing NOTHING can stop that. While we long for and pray for and need these rights bestowed to us, we know what real marriage really is, and we will continue to celebrate it with each other, with Christ, with our wonderful friends and family – and our wonderful church. We will be legally married one day. And we will celebrate that. But we were married on October 6, 2012 on a cool Autumn Saturday, surrounded by the love of friends and family, as the Lord rejoiced over us with singing. No matter what happens today, nothing changes that. Nothing.